Italia Oggi -Thematic Cultural Course

The course consists of ten modules on different topics, for students to discover and deeply understand the contemporary Italian culture, history, politics, customs and society through authentic material, texts, newspaper and social media. A complex portrait of Italy today, from the eyes of the locals.


Upon completion of the course, participants will be able:

  • To completely understand the complexity of contemporary Italian culture and society
  • To master Italian language in different fields and to learn a large variety of vocabulary from different subjects
  • To elaborate their own ideas, to share and to debate the local and global social issues in Italian
  • To read and understand complex contexts, literature works and essays.
  • To prepare written text on different subjects
  • To deeply understand the Italian media, newspaper and social media and to get firsthand information.
  • To enrich the personal cultural background to a better understanding of the contemporary worlds and society


  1. Italian TV – The programs and TV stars who made history
  2. Italy in Art and Architecture
  3. Mysteries of Italy
  4. Migrants and immigrants. The society of those who arrive and those who leave
  5. Men and women of this century. Five iconic characters of Italy in the 1900s
  6. Great sporting achievements  – Sport and its characters
  7. Italian in contemporary songs
  8. Political Tribune – History of parties and major Italian political figures
  9. Twentieth-century poetry – Modern Italy in verse
  10. Writing in Italian – Basic course of creative writing


Each module has 5 lessons, 3 hours each, total 15 hours. Students are not required to take all individual modules.

Language Medium


Learning materials

No textbook. Handouts will be given by the teachers

MODE of instruction

Face-to-face learning (*Due to the coronavirus pandemic, the mode of instruction may be subject to change from face-to-face to online at the discretion of the school in accordance with the instructions from the Education Bureau and situation in Hong Kong.)


This course is suitable for any students who have completed B2 level.

Date and time

Module 1 (DA032039:  Italia Oggi I ): Sat, 5/9-3/10, 10:00-13:00

Module 2 (DA032040:  Italia Oggi II ): Sat, 10/10-7/11, 10:00-13:00

Module 3 (DA032044:  Italia Oggi III ): Sat, 14/11-12/12, 10:00-13:00

Online Enrollment

Enrollment form – Italian Group Course


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Course organized by

Dante Alighieri Society in Hong Kong