Dear Dante Alighieri Members, Students and Friends,


We are very excited to announce our new 2018 Membership Program.

2017 is coming to the end, and if we look back we can proudly say that Dante Alighieri Society in Hong Kong has succeeded in its mission: actively promote the Italian language studies and culture in Hong Kong. Through the hard work of our staff and the passion of our teachers, great results have been achieved.

We offered more than 120 courses of Italian, Latin and Mandarin and numerous thematic workshops to meet the growing interest towards our beloved country, its culture and its language. We proposed different and varied cultural events dedicated to the different aspects of the Italian culture. From wine tasting to cooking class, from opera to modern music, from art to literature we are also a strong partner for Bellissima Italia 2017 Events.

All these have only been possible with your great support and your friendship to Dante Alighieri Society, and for this I can only be thankful.

But we want to do more!

That’s why we invite you to join our 2018 membership program. We are extremely thrilled to inform you that, as a member of DA Society, you will receive more than 40 discounts in Hong Kong including selected restaurants, shops, boutique and services, plus several discounts in Italy for some of the most important museums and sites. This is our way to show you our gratitude and to express our heartfelt thanks for your precious support to our missions in Hong Kong!

For info and subscription, please click.

Thank you for your great support, Dante Alighieri society is a small piece of Italy in Hong Kong and we are glad you are part of it.

Warmest regards,

Bruno Feltracco