Dear Dante Alighieri Members, Students and Friends,

We are very excited to launch our new 2019 Membership Program.

Dante Alighieri Society have done a laudable job in fulfilling her mission to promote the Italian language in recent years. We work very hard to improve the quality and the quantity of the Italian language courses and to reach whoever is interested in learning our beautiful language.

In 2018 we held more than 140 group courses and over 2,000 hours of private classes. We taught Italian to kids from 3 years old in playgroups, and for the first time Italian language entered some of the prestigious international schools in Hong Kong as extra-curricular activities.

In collaboration with the Italian Consulate, the Italian Culture Institute and the Italian Chamber of Commerce, we organized several events and thematic workshops. From Italian Opera to Italian Food and Wine, from Italian Design to Italian Art, we promoted our beautiful country in the most comprehensive way.

All these are possible thanks to the hard work of our professional teachers and staff, the incredible support of the Italian Consulate in Hong Kong and Macao, the devoted Board members, our sponsors, donors and members.

But we want to do more!

That’s why we invite you to join our 2019 membership program, helping us to fulfill our mission, improving and expanding our services as well as helping our beautiful language and culture to be known and appreciated all over the world.

As a token of appreciation, our membership program offers a wide variety of benefits for individuals and for companies. For info and subscription, please go to here

Thank you for your great support, Dante Alighieri Society is a small piece of Italy in Hong Kong and we are glad that you are part of it.

Warmest regards,

Bruno Feltracco