500 Years of Italians in Hong Kong and Macau


An initiative of Consul General of Italy in Hong Kong and Macau, Alessandra Schiavo, essays by Gianni Criveller – Angelo Paratico including voices of the Italian community and photography by Margot Errante.

Published by Società Dante Alighieri di Hong Kong

Italians were actively involved in the European presence on the China coast from the earliest days of the sixteenth century, almost five hundred years ago. Throughout the intervening five centuries, Italians have made, and continue to make, major contributions to the development of Hong Kong and Macau, two unique cities now Special Administrative Regions of the People’s Republic of China. The Italian legacy is powerfully evident in everything from the UNESCO World Heritage Site, the façade of St. Paul’s to Hong Kong’s excellent educational system.

Five Hundred Years of Italians in Hong Kong and Macau traces this history from its origins in the sixteenth century. It then follows the path traced by the intrepid explorers, pioneers and priests who used Macau as their base and point for departure throughout East Asia, bringing forth the development of Italian commercial, religious, educational and medical establishments, which form an integral part of the contemporary fabric of these two cities.

Sections are dedicated to both religious and secular history. A further section includes the voices of the Italian community, people young and old – from entrepreneurs and artists to students and professionals – who ave made Hong Kong Macau their home away from home.

This unique volume brings together a fascinating and complex historical narrative that has never yet been documented in one place. It also charts the meeting of history and daily life and gives voice to the people who are launching Italy’s second half-millennium o engagement in China.

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