Summer Movie Nights

Get a taste of Italian Summer with ITALIAN SUMMERTIME MOVIES!🎬

Everyone is welcome to join the upcoming 3 MOVIE NIGHTS during which we will watch movies that talk about summer in Italy, from the Italian holiday of Ferragosto⛱️☀️ to the “Esame di Maturità”😱 (the exam that Italian students take at the end of their high school).

You don’t need to know Italian to watch this great selection of Italian summer movies as there will be English subtitles available!

👉There are limited seats available, reserve your spot in advance here:


🎬Il Sorpasso (The Easy Life), Friday 7th July, starting from 6:30 pm

🎬Notte Prima degli Esami (Night Before the Exams), Friday 4th August, starting from 6:30 pm

🎬A Bigger Splash, Friday 1st September, starting from 6:30 pm

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