We offer professional in-office business Italian courses in town. Using innovative and effective teaching methods, all Italian courses are tailor-made to cater your company’s exact language needs. Some of the specific courses offered include banking and financial Italian, business and commercial Italian correspondence, Italian for the fashion, design and import-export industry and Italian business culture awareness. Our teachers are qualified native speakers with many years of solid experience in business Italian teaching. Our Diamond and Gold members can enjoy 20% discount on our corporate course and 6 and 3 hours of free Italian lessons respectively.

Examples of our corporate courses:

1. Italian for Beginners – suitable for any companies

A general Italian course can be part of the staff-training programme or be a short and fun course for team building. It is in fun, relaxing and friendly atmosphere and eventually adds more value to your company.

2. Italian for fashion lovers - suitable for companies in the fashion industry

Italy is one of the leading countries in the fashion industry. Many prominent Italian designers are world-renowned and numerous Italian high-end fashion brands continue to spread across the world. Learning Italian can help you to communicate with you Italian designers, clients, customers and be more self-confident in the fashion trade shows.

3. Italian for wine lovers - suitable for companies in the wine industry

Throughout the centuries, wine is still one of the most fascinating aspects of the Italian culture and tradition. Learning how to pronounce the names of wines in Italian, how to describe the wines in Italian and how to read the etiquette etc will surely broaden your horizons and expand your social circles in the world of wines.

4. Italian Survival Course - A Business Trip to Italy

Italian is the official language of Italy. Though most of your Italian business partners also speak English, learning and using basic Italian phrases and words will usually endear yourself to your new business contacts. Our Italian Survival Course is ideal for the ones who are planning a business trip to Italy. We focus on simple and practical Italian language skills for travelling and socializing.

5. Practical Italian Language course - In the Food and Beverage Industry

We offer courses specifically thought and designed for the culinary sector of Hong Kong and abroad. To enhance your business, you need to have the right language tools to communicate well with Italian chefs, cooks and professionals, in order to reach more customers, to enlarge your professional social network and also to stay competitive and attractive to your existing clients. And if you want your business to be truly authentic, you should consider investing in a fast but very valuable practical professional training that would allow your staff to become knowledgeable, caring and attentive to your potential customers, a staff that can serve your clients just “the way you do it” in Italy.

Each final course may vary according to the length of course and the needs of your company. Should you be interested, please call us at 2832 9799 or email us at dantealighieri@ladante.cc.

Comments from our students of the course "Italian for Fashion Lovers"

Intense but practical and user friendly.

Learning Italian is fun and is not as difficult as I thought.

It was quite interesting and easy to catch.

very good and enjoyable class!

Relaxing way to learn Italian language and culture.