We offer private, semi private and small group lesson. This is suitable for anyone who cannot attend regular classes and need a more flexible tailor-made teaching experience.

For example:

- frequent business traveller. We provide company on-site courses as well as courses at our school. It can be flexible with your business schedule.

- not a complete beginner. Our teacher can help you to brush up on your Italian or prepare you before joining a group class. The course is at your right pace and follows your learning progress.

- paying a short visit in Hong Kong. You can enrich your holiday or short visit by learning a new language.

- any student who has a specific learning outcome. We can modify the course content according to your exact needs and the course can be more practical and useful to you.

- candidate of an Italian exam. Our teacher can help you to prepare for any particular exam and give you advice and suggestion on how to improve your Italian language skills.

All our teachers are native Italian speakers with years of teaching experiences. You can follow our general textbooks or bring your own learning materials. Lessons are conducted in a friendly and pleasant atmosphere. Rescheduling of the booking is possible with a 24-hour prior written notice. Simple, easy and flexible!

For further details of the package and quotation, please complete the below enquiry form or call us at 2832 9799.


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