A chat with our former School Coordinator Ms. Elisa Messina

Ms. Elisa Messina, our former School Coordinator, moved back to Italy in July with her family. She has some great news to share with us so…let’s talk to her!

DAHK: Ciao Elisa! After 5 and half years you moved back to Italy. Where do you live now? Do you miss HK?

EM (Elisa Messina): Ciao DAHK Team! I know, time flies and after 5 and half wonderful years in Hong Kong I am now living in Rome with my husband Luca and baby Matilde. She turned 1 year old at the end of November. Of course I miss HK. I miss my colleagues, the students and the beautiful activities of DAHK. Last but not least I miss dim sum!!! I can’t find a good place here in Rome. I guess I shall try to cook dim sum by myself 

DAHK: Good luck with your cooking! Well…we guess it would be better to come back to HK on Holiday for a dim sum party! What are you doing in Rome? Are you working?

EM: We moved to Rome in September. We rented a nice apartment in a neighborhood called Monte Mario, in the Northern part of Rome. Matilde is already attending the kindergarten and since I was bored at home I decided to look for a job. I am kidding… but it is true, I found a new job! I am thrilled to announce that I am now working at the Headquarter of Dante Alighieri Society in Rome. I am in charge of the promotion of the language courses of the four Italian Language Schools in Italy.

DAHK: Congratulations Elisa, what great news! It sounds interesting. Can you tell us more about the Italian Language Schools of Dante Alighieri? We guess that our students would love to hear more.

EM: Of course! The Italian Language Schools are located in Rome, Florence, Milan and Bologna. They organize several Italian language and culture courses for foreign students of all levels and walks of life. The structure of each course is flexible in terms of number of hours and contents, thus able to meet every student’s need. Studying in Italy for a period of time is a great opportunity for students to get to practice their Italian and to experience the Italian daily life. I wish to suggest this wonderful experience to all the DAHK students!

DAHK: Elisa, what makes the Italian Language Schools so special?

EM: Well, there are several reasons… I would start saying that the schools are located in the heart of the most artistic and well-known Italian Cities. The locations are strategic: easy to be reached by public transportation since they are situated nearby the most important touristic and artistic attractions of the Italian heritage. In addition, every city has its own distinct feature: Rome is the Capital and the center of Italian art, Florence is the heart of Renaissance, Milan is the city of fashion and finance and Bologna has a wonderful culinary tradition. Therefore, students can choose the location according to their purpose of interest: the schools represent an iconic bridge towards Italian language and culture. In addition, teachers are qualified and competent to teach Italian as foreign language, with several years of teaching experience. They are able to encourage and motivate students and to meet their needs. And most important: communicative approach is at the base of our language courses. Our lessons include cultural activities and role-games to make the learning experience interesting, motivating and dynamic

DAHK: What about cultural workshops?

EM: Yes, sure. The Italian Language Schools organize also several workshops and short thematic courses on Italian art, music, opera, cooking. Teachers also bring students around the city in wonderful artistic tours.

DAHK: That’s great! We are sure that our students will be very curious to know more. Can they contact your office? Is there a special treatment or offer for enrolled DAHK students?

EM: Of course, we are at their disposal for any further information. They can contact us via email scuoleditaliano@ladante.it so that we can send them all the relevant information and help with the enrollment and the accommodation. For our DA students around the world there is already a 10% off on the course fee plus a discount on the enrollment fee (30 euro instead of 60 euro).

DAHK: Great, thanks! Thank you for your time, Elisa. We are very happy for you and we hope our students will contact you soon!
EM: I look forward to seeing many DAHK students in Italy! Vi abbraccio con affetto!