1. Who can sit the PLIDA?

PLIDA is an exam dedicated to any person who is not a native Italian speaker. In order to sit the exam related to a particular level it is not necessary to have first passed the previous, lower level. Each candidate can choose the exam level most suitable for themselves. Each candidate can also sit at more than one level during the same session.

2. Dates and sessions

Please refer to the information in the application.

3. Successful exam

The pass mark is fixed at 72/120 (maximum evaluation: 120/120), which means that each candidate must achieve an evaluation of 18/30 in each of the 4 tests (“ascoltare”, “leggere”, “parlare”, “scrivere”) which he/she will sit. In the case of a student who has failed 1 of the 4 parts, he/she will be able to sit only that part in the following session (paying a reduced fee, which you can check on the relevant table). For new syllabus of each level, please click.

4. Results and Certificates

When the tests arrive at “Dante Alighieri” in Rome, our head office will provide for correction within 60 days. After that period Dante Alighieri Roma will send out certificates to all the students who have successfully concluded their examinations. The Certificate will record: the personal data of the candidate, exam level, achieved evaluation of each single skill, and the global evaluation.

Students, who fail the exam, may ask for a copy of the test up to 6 months from the date they sat the exam.

5. Certificate duration

The PLIDA Certificate does not expire. However, it is up to the discretion of those institutions and/or persons to whom you present your Certificate, whether or not the PLIDA has been achieved recently enough.

6. Can I retake the exam?

Candidates, who pass only 3, 2, or 1 out of 4 tests (listening, reading, writing, and speaking), may retake the unsuccessful test(s) during the following examination sessions. Retaking may be carried out during examination sessions within 18 months after the first attempt. In case of successful passing, the received points will be summed with the previous ones.

( I candidati che superano soltanto tre, due o una delle quattro prove (ascoltare, leggere, scrivere e parlare) possono decidere di mantenere il punteggio sufficiente ottenuto come credito per le successive sessioni d’esame. Il credito dovrà essere utilizzato entro 365 giorni dalla data in cui si è sostenuto per la prima volta il test. I test relativi all’unica abilità o alle abilità non superate potranno essere ripetuti comunque in un’unica sessione d’esame. In caso di successo, i punteggi ottenuti saranno sommati a quello già sufficiente o a quelli già sufficienti ottenuti nella sessione precedentemente sostenuta. http://plida.it/certificazione-plida/faq.html)

7. Past paper

You can download the past paper here.