Dear Student,

According to the announcement from the Government dated 29 Dec 2022, the Vaccine Pass requirement has been lifted. However, students are still required to wear a mask during your stay at the center.

Please follow the below precautionary measures:

  1. To take sanitizing and hygienic measures
  2. Wash your hands or disinfect your hands with 70%-80% alcohol-based handrub before entering school premises.
  3. Wear a mask during your stay at the center, and throughout your entire Italian lesson including the break. Please understand that you will not be admitted to any rooms and facilities of Dante Alighieri Society if you are not wearing a mask.
  4. Bring your own bottle of water. To avoid cross-infection, you are not allowed to refill your bottles.
  5. Students are advised to stay at home, if students: (a) show any of the following symptoms: fever, malaise, dry cough and shortness of breath or flu-like symptoms; (b) test positive.

If you cannot fulfill one or more of the requirements, we regret to inform you that we cannot admit you to our center. However, we can provide you online lesson via Zoom. Should you have any questions or request for a ZOOM lesson, please email us at


Dante Alighieri Society Limited


Last update: 4 Jan 2023, 3:53 pm