Plida exam online preparation workshop - Level B1

Online preparation workshop for everyone who wants to take the PLIDA exam B1 level, that is coming on the 16th Sep 2020. It is the best way for you to prepare for your exam. You will analyze deeply each session of the exam (ascoltare, leggere, scrivere and parlare) and prepare it by using proper material and tailor-made exercises. It is suitable for full B1 exam and B1 cittadinanza exam.

Full course (Parlare, Ascoltare, Leggere, Scrivere)  6 hours

Dates: 05/09, 12/09 (Saturday)

Time: 2:00-5:00 pm

Plan: 2 sessions – 6 hours

Fee: $840 (10% off DA students or members -  $756)

B1 Cittadinanza (Parlare)  2 hours

Dates: 05/09 (Saturday)

Time: 2:00-4:00 pm

Plan: 1 session – 2 hours

Fee: $300 (10% off DA students or members -  $270)



~Sat 06 Sep – from 2 to 4pm PARLARE -  (available for B1 Cittadinanza)

~Sat 06 Sep – from 4 to 5pm ASCOLTARE

~Sat 13 Sep – from 2 to 5pm SCRIVERE and LEGGERE


To register, please Click Here (enrollment form)