• 4 Passi Nell’Arte – History of Italian Art

    Dante Alighieri Society of Hong Kong is proud to invite you to an amazing journey through the history of Italian art.

    Four lessons that will show you the fascinating landscape of Italy and its...

  • Italian for Business – Intermediate


    This course is designed for students and working professionals, who have a basic knowledge of Italian, to communicate accurately and effectively in spoken and...

  • L’italiano in cucina

    Are you studying Italian? Do you love Italian food? If yes, this course is for you!

    Join our journey through the most famous and delicious Italian dishes and learn some Italian cooking words...

  • Italian Phonetic

    This course will enable you to improve and gain confidence in pronunciation and intonation in Italian. Topics covered will be pronunciation drills, working on specific sounds in Italian and use of...

  • 2017 Christmas Special Offer

    Italian Private Lesson: 2017 Christmas Special Offer

    (Promotional period : 11 Dec 2017 – 5 Jan 2018)

    (A) BUY ONE GET ONE FREE 50% OFF ($600 for one...

  • Arte in Dante – Drawing Course

    The course intends to give the student the base notions of drawing and the study of still life composition. The course will allow students to learn how to “observe” and their hand to do...

  • Italian Market Special

    Italian Private Lesson - Special Offer
    (Promotional period : 10 Jun - 11 Jun 2017)

    (A) BUY ONE GET ONE FREE 50% OFF ($600 for...

  • Amazing Italian

    Teenager Summer Class (C021707)

    (Age 12-16)

    Tue/Thu, 11:00 - 13:00

    Date: 18/7, 20/7, 25/7, 27/7, 3/8, 8/8, 10/8, 15/8, 17/8, 22/8

    Fee: $2400

    Click here

  • A Taste of Italian

    Summer Intensive Italian Course (DA021726)

    Mon/Wed, 14:00-16:00

    Date: 26/6, 28/6, 3/7, 5/7, 10/7, 12/7, 17/7, 19/7, 24/7, 26/7

    Fee: $2400 (15% off for...

  • Stile Italiano

    Italian Style

    Thu 3/11-1/12 2016


    Fee: $1500 ($1350 DA members/DA students)

    Special guests from the most important Italian brands will attend the classes.

    No prior...

  • Dolci Chiacchiere

    Learn Italian while preparing Italian dolci and drinking espresso

    Mon 17 Oct 2016, 3-5 PM

    Fee: $300 ($280 for DA members and DA students)